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    Yang Wen-li: Perhaps there is a universal, absolute truth. Perhaps it clarifies every question. But that's beyond the reach of these small hands.
    Reinhard von Lohengramm: There is great satisfaction in fighting for the sake of gaining power, but it is joyless to fight for the sake of maintaining it.
    Yang Wen-li: Everybody has to display a certain loyalty towards their paycheck. I was the same way. It isn't just a piece of paper, it's a chain that binds people.
    Walter von Schönkopf: Only a nation which safeguards individual human rights is worthy of being called a democracy.
    Reinhard von Lohengramm: So long as the organization relies solely on the genius of one individual, such an organization will remain immature.
    Yang Wen-li: In the end, conspiracies or terrorism cannot reverse the flow of history. But they can make it stagnant.
    Dusty Attemborough: If it were a third-rate TV anime a dead protagonist can come back to life at the producers' convenience. But the world we live in is not such a convenient place. Lost lives will never return. Because of it, we live in a world where a life is an irreplaceable existence.
    Oskar von Reuenthal: Regardless of the color of eyes or skin the color of blood is the same for everyone, isn't it?
    Siegfried Kircheis: Although he might forget the names of other commanders, he remembers the names of the members of his fleet. That's the kind of person Admiral Reinhard von Musel is.
    Reinhard von Lohengramm: Genes determine everything? What nonsense. Individuals are not responsible for their genes. Individuals are individuals. Family lines or genetics have nothing to do with the abilities of the individual. People who believe that genes decide everything are truly worthless people who can only do what they are told. People who boast of their ancestry have nothing that they can boast about in themselves. Those people are the ones that I truly disrespect.
    Onoda Sakamichi: I'm going on my bike! Because... Because... on a bike... I can go to Akiba for free. I can buy five extra capsule toys with the money I save!
    Hyōdō Kazutaka: For just that small sum of money before their eyes, people can endure a lot. The rich make use of that quality to lead comfortable lives, being waited upon by others. A king is not king on his own. If the poor unite and rebel, declaring that they don't need money, the king will be vanquished. But the poor pursue money in the hopes of becoming king. This strengthens the existence of the current king. As long you don't break out of that fruitless paradox of wanting money, you can never overthrow the king but be chained forever. The king too, tries to prevent revolt by giving everyone a relative sense of abundance and wealth.
    Vegeta: To die at the hands of the God of Destruction, Beerus... Perhaps I should feel honored.
    Dende: Um, if we think in the grand scheme of things, all five Saiyans here could be said to have righteous hearts, I think.
    Buu: Huh? Even Vegeta?
    Vegeta: You're one to talk!
    Saitama: Genos, your joints are all bent the wrong way. Here, I'll fix you up. Oh sorry, your arm came off.
    Rozszyfrowywanie skrótu "WC".
    Ginoza: The first thing that comes to mind is "water closet", isn't it?
    Shimotsuki: Huh? Most people would think "World Cup".
    Kunizuka: It could be "wild-caught", too.
    Nami: There is no limit to their power when they want to save someone!
    Beerus: Man, you're useless.
    Shen Long: Forgive me... Have you any other wish?
    Beerus: Scram. That's my wish.
    Champa: You're just a lowly referee, yet you attempt to defy a God of Destruction?!
    Beerus: Shut it! During matches, the referee is greater than the gods!
    Whis: Do you really believe that?
    Beerus: Like hell I do.
    Bulma: Where did you go?
    Son Gokū: Rabbits belong on the moon, of course!
    Natsume: If you just run away from your past and keep running, do you think there will be true forgiveness waiting for you ahead?
    Gowasu: There is only one being allowed to execute punishment. The God of Destruction.
    Do Zamasu.
    Gowasu: The tea poured by one with a pure heart is clear and truly delicious.
    Frank: Strong power can hurt people, but it can also help people depending on how you use it.
    Do Zery.
    Mavis Vermilion: You can't experience the whole world through books alone! You have to look, touch, feel!
    Hebi: There is no point in losing the money we robbed from one casino, gambling at another one.
    O Plue.
    Musica: Wow, that cat is cool! Is it a chihuahua?
    Haru: You think it's a cat? But a chihuahua is a dog!
    Haru Glory: I don't want peace based on the murder of one person!
    Tenshinhan: Always heighten oneself. That's the principle for martial artists.
    Shiryū: I believe in friendship, if nothing else. For those of us who have experienced neither Motherhood nor Fatherhood friendship is the only thing that can touch our souls.
    Jin: You at peace with yourself?
    Mugen: Hell. Every freakin' day I have to ask myself: Will this day, be the last day I lie in the sun?
    Gdy zostali kompletnie otoczeni przez mężczyzn z Daikan.
    Mugen: Yo, we put our fight on hold until we get out of here. Agreed?
    Jin: You intend to kill them all, don't you? I swear... you really are the lowest of the low.
    Mugen: (smiles slyly)
    Fuu: Alright, that's enough! You two made me a promise. You haven't forgotten, have you? Until we find the "Samurai who smells of Sunflowers", you two are not allowed to kill each other!
    Mugen: Oh yeah, this smelly guy, I been meaning to ask you about that.
    Fuu: Huh?
    Jin: Who is this "Samurai who smells of Sunflowers"?
    Fuu: Well, he...
    Mugen: And what the hell is a sunflower anyway?
    Fuu: Wait a minute...
    Jin: You don't know?
    Fuu: It's a flower!
    Mugen: So, what do they *smell* like?
    (both turn toward Fuu)
    Jin: Do you have any other leads? b
    Mugen: Like a picture or something?
    Jin: What makes you think he's around here?
    Fuu: (yells) Stop!
    (her stomach grumbles)
    Fuu: For right now-- let's get something to eat.
    Asagi: You don't see a lot of people applying for ninja licenses these days. Let me make this clear first. Becoming a ninja doesn't mean you'll be able to use stuff like the Rasengan or chakra, okay?
    Shinigami: You know nothing about my suffering!
    Gintoki: I can pretty much guess. You couldn't learn Bankai or something, right?
    Do Homury.
    Kyubey: I'm sure you didn't really want to know the truth. And yet, you couldn't bear not to search for it. It just goes to show how illogical human curiosity is.
    Sakata Gintoki: Overcoming the obstacle of these annoying seeds to eat the watermelon is the mini-drama, of sorts, that gives its flavor a sense of urgency and makes it even more delicious. Basically, when you eat a watermelon, you eat not the fruit, but the drama it creates.
    Do Afro, po zabiciu jego ojca.
    Justice: It's unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment will always haunt you. You will be consumed by hatred for me. Challenge me when you are ready to duel a God.
    Katsura Kotaro: It's not Zura. It's Captain Katsura, dattebayo!
    Kuchiki Byakuya: Disdain your way of fighting without using your own hands. Stealing people's feelings and drive them into despair is the act of a coward. A shameless person only deserves to die.
    Endō Shōji: It would be cowardly to run away from it like this, right, Satō Koichi!
    Satō Koichi: Huh?
    Endō Shōji: Nothing. I'm talking to myself.
    Satō Koichi: What do you mean? After calling a person by his full name.
    Myōga: According to rumors, those two brothers devour pretty girls immediately!
    Shippō: Is that true?! What'll we do? Does that mean Kagome has already...
    Inuyasha: Stupid! What's pretty about Kagome?
    Shippō: What?! Are you totally blind?!
    Myōga: Yes, I think she's very pretty, too.
    Shippō: I'll bet she's already been eaten! It's all my fault!
    Myōga: "Pretty woman, short life." What a wise saying.
    Komatsu: N-No way... The legendary chef... Setsuno-sama...
    Setsuno: Hey, now. There's no need to attach "sama". Call me Setsunon.
    Komatsu: S-She has such strong friendly affinity. No, I can't talk like I'm classmates with a Human National Treasure...
    Setsuno: Who're classmates?! Don't act so familiar!
    Inuyasha: She chose to go home herself! She said, "I'm going back home, stupid!"
    Kaede: Inuyasha... Even your imitation of her is stupid.
    Shippō: Kagome will forgive you!
    Inuyasha: What're you saying?! You sound like it's all my fault!
    Shippō: It is your fault! Don't you still suspect Kagome!? Kagome did indeed protect Koga and helped him escape. Koga is your enemy. And she was kidnapped by him and suffered! Yet she helped him! That's right, Kagome's the one who suffered most at Koga's hands. So why did she take his side? Inuyasha... Do you think that maybe Kagome really did fall in love with Koga!
    Inuyasha: Don't ask me! If you're gonna try to reason with me get your facts straight first!
    Lupin III: Well, stealing is more fun when you have a rival.
    Yagyuu Kyuubei: Jugem Jugem Shit Tossing The Life Of Shin-chan's Two Day Old Underwear Balmung Fezalion Isaac Schneider 1/3True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignore Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout-Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish, I'm Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe All's Well That Ends Well Runny Diarrhea.
    Killua: When I was winning in the 190s, I had around two hundred million, total.
    Zushi: Two hundred million...
    Gon: Where's that money now?
    Killua: That was four years ago! Of course it's gone now. Spent it all on snacks!
    Gon: Two hundred million on snacks, in four years?
    Zushi: What kind of snacks are these?
    Do Takemaru.
    Inuyasha: I'm a half-demon, more egotistical and greedy than any other living creature - that's what human beings are, right? But with human blood flowing through my veins, I never give up! Don't you understand? When you have someone to protect, your power increases multifold! That's why I'm able to destroy you now!
    Do Housena.
    Kamui: I want to soak my soul in your blood.
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