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    Do Homury.
    Kyubey: I'm sure you didn't really want to know the truth. And yet, you couldn't bear not to search for it. It just goes to show how illogical human curiosity is.
    Sakata Gintoki: In battle, the ones who burden themselves with regret are always the first to die. The only burden samurai should carry is their sword.
    Afro: Nothing personal. It's just revenge.
    Murakoshi Miki: You'd prefer a man with lots of money, right?
    Miura Chihiro: Wrong. The man of my dreams... He must have a villa, plenty of servants, and a yacht. He must be able to provide me with cute clothes and high-heels!
    Tenma Kenzō: I shot a man. He's probably dead. [...] And from here on, there is another person I have to shoot. I'm no longer a doctor.
    Yukio: I know I'm not what they think an ideal child should be... But the fact that you two think that means it's likely I think you're not exactly ideal parents, either.
    Satō Yō: Oshiroi, do you want to do it with me... no, with the Hounds?
    Oshiroi Hana: Well... I don't know how to put this. It's not that I'm not interested... But... for starters, just one person would be better. I'm new to this, so I'd like to hold hands and stuff first...
    Satō Yō: I was asking if you want to join the Hounds.
    Oshiroi Hana: But you asked if I wanted to do it in a group...
    Miura Gorō: If your manga becomes popular, you can play around a little, but at the beginning everyone's struggling to survive.
    Do Nakaia.
    Yoshida Kōji: I'm a-ok with taking on the challenge of making you a super mangaka! [...] That's right, like the Super Saiyan of mangaka.
    Takigawa Hōshō: It would seem that the source of the curse was not the spirits of the rokubu, after all.
    Shibuya Kazuya: It's Okobu-sama.
    Taniyama Mai: How did you know?
    Shibuya Kazuya: Because my brain works differently than yours.
    Sunny: In that howl just now, I sensed some extraordinary resolve. If we were to go help now, it would be an insult to that resolve.
    Komatsu: Something's there... Z-Zombie-san?
    Zonge: It's not Zombie, it's Zonge-sama!
    Komatsu: Good job making it out of there alive. Or are you really a zombie...?
    Izumi Konata: I heard that this was something that really happened... Someone who works at a certain video software wholesaler finished work for that day, and got on a bus late at night like he usually does. His house was towards the end of the bus route. And so, as he was riding the bus, other passengers started leaving one by one, and he ended up as the only passenger left. The driver mistakenly thought that there was nobody left on the bus... And, can you believe it? He started to sing, in a loud voice, Danzen! Futari wa _______ Cure!
    Konata: Oh, wait, I'm being paged. Hold on. [...] He scolded me for talking too long on the phone.
    Kagami: Oh, sorry. I thought your house was rather laid-back with that stuff. But is it actually pretty strict?
    Konata: No, we're in the middle of a fighter-game match.
    Konata: I went to Asakusa the other day.
    Kagami: Oh? When did you go?
    Konata: Trains in the winter make you drowsy, you know?
    Kagami: She slept past her destination?!
    Tsukasa: Wait... But isn't that in the opposite direction?
    Konata: Apparently, I slept too long, so it doubled back from the final stop, and I slept past my station again. And when I came to, it was Asakusa.
    Robot: I felt alive for the first time when I found out I was going to be ruined. Because there is death, there is life. Eternal robots finally became like humans by obtaining death. We should accept death like humans.
    Akoes: I sympathize with you robots who never need to eat or drink, or get to sleep with a woman.
    O malarstwie iluzjonistycznym trompe-l'œil.
    Miyabi: For example, Kisaragi is admiring exhibits in a certain exhibition. The worker seems to be taking down a drawing, but somehow he didn't show any signs of movement. Finding it strange, you go closer to have a look. But, that's not a person, but a drawing on the wall. On closer inspection, the visitors around you are also trompe-l'œil. Coming to your senses, you realize that you're the only person there. Scared, Kisaragi wants to leave the exhibition.
    Miki: But, even the exit is a trompe-l'œil!
    Switch: Sure wish he'd just talk like a normal person!
    Bossun: If everything goes our way, Nwe'll be able to escape! Probably!
    Himeko: Y-You're a genius... Probably!
    Bossun: Probably!
    Himeko: Probably!
    Bluenote Stinger: I asked you already. Where is Mavis's grave?
    Wendy Marvell: The grave of the founding Master? It has something to do with the second test?
    Happy: I see. I understand!
    Carla: I'm sure it's something completely Nidiotic, but I suppose I'll ask anyway...
    Happy: You want to become an S class wizard, too!
    Natsu: Actually, I am hungry. The only thing I ate was the fire from that God Slayer, and then I beat the crap out of him.
    Lucy: Well, me too. Cana's heavier than you'd think.
    Wendy: Cana's unconscious, but that's still a terrible thing to say...
    Do Tsukishimy.
    Shishigawara Moe: You're the greatest, and that's all there is to it! So don't you do dyin' on me, Tsukishima! You're the most awesome guy there is! So you can't go dyin', got that?! You're s'posed to be invincible!
    Sakata Gintoki: Come on, I'm not carrying anything metal. Is it responding to my iron will?
    Margo: As long as we live, we have the right to hope.
    Shimura Shinpachi: I can't! I can't do it! I'd be glad if I can do it with a cute girl like her... But I'm still a boy and this time slot is anime time for children. We were already demoted from golden hour. If the PTA sends in a flood of complaints, the show will be canceled!
    Do hrabiego Monte Christo.
    Mercédès Morcerf: The thought of neither sleeping nor eating is too sad to bear.
    Hrabia Monte Christo: For the right price, everything is for sale.
    Hrabia Monte Christo: Curiosity is a sign of intelligence.
    Yugo: No past means a clean slate for your soul, no memories to haunt you.
    Arita Haruyuki: It's natural to want to stay in the game world and hope the game will never end. However, I've learned one thing from playing all those online games. There's nothing lonelier or sadder than the end of a game with no ending. More and more players get bored and move on to other games... And one day, even NPCs like your favorite blacksmithNor landlady disappear forever as they smile. I've experienced that moment and cried many, many times. That isn't how games should end. It definitely isn't! If Brain Burst really does have an ending, then we should be aiming for it!
    Blood Leopard: My name is Blood Leopard. Call me Leopard, not Blood. If you want to shorten it, Pard and not Leopa.
    Kondo Isao: We, the Shinsengumi, belong in battle.
    David: Well, it's the good guys that always die young on the battlefield. I would just hate to see that happen to the boy.
    Julia Silverstein: My, you've changed a lot. David, you've always been one to hide your true feelings like a robot with an iron heart.
    David: What am I now, then?
    Julia Silverstein: Acting like a normal human being should.
    Yagami Sōichirō: The real evil is the power to kill people.
    Yagami Sōichirō: No... anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness.
    Do Ryuka.
    Yagami Light: I've never considered finding that notebook and gaining that power a misfortune.
    Yagami Light: The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people's good will.
    Rem: Humans are such ugly creatures...
    O Lighcie.
    Rem: Light Yagami might be as pure as Misa... he was not using the death note for himself, but rather he was using the notebook in order to better humanity as a whole...
    Rem: Light Yagami... He can even kill a shinigami, he has surpassed us!
    Do Misy.
    Yagami Light: In your eyes lies all happiness for this new world.
    Vegeta: What's with this uneasy feeling? Is the great Vegeta trembling with fear?
    Aria H. Kanzaki: There are three words I hate. "Can't", "tired", and "tedious". These three words limit a person's possibilities.
    Sanji: This is no time to relax and go whale watching! Even if we've escaped the whirlpool, we're still in plenty of danger here! First of all, did anyone get washed away in the current just now? Let's do a head count! Nami!
    Nami: Here.
    Sanji: Robin!
    Robin: I'm here.
    Sanji: Okay, next we've gotta get away from here! If any of those huge whales crash into us, the ship will be smashed!
    Chopper: Count us, too!
    Usopp: Sanji, the other 6 of us are alive!
    Sanji: Nami, orders?
    Nami: We're fine where we are.
    Sanji: You here that? We're fine where we are, you idiots! Now, let's go whale watching!
    Takamura Mamoru: I hate bastards who prey on the weak... but guys who don't defend themselves at all piss me off even more!
    Kamogawa: The opponent for your debut match has been selected. Nishikawa Gym's Yusuke Oda!
    Takamura: What? Did you say Yusuke Oda?!
    Makunouchi: Do you know him, Takamura?!
    Takamura: Nope.
    Kamogawa: I'd like to tell you the details... but I don't know, either.
    Takamura: If you don't know, don't build up the suspense, moron!
    Pilaf: Did you just fly over here, young master?!
    Trunks: More importantly, I was trying to act cool and I went and said that you're my girlfriend...
    Pilaf: Me? Really?
    Trunks: Not you!
    Shu: Me?!
    Trunks: What?! No! The girl!
    Mai: Me?!
    Issei: Damn it for sucking up energy from girls' boobs!
    Kiba: But why the boobs?
    Issei: Don't ask something so obvious! I'd love to join in and suck up Akeno's and the President's "energy"!
    Asia: Please don't sympathize with the monster.
    Issei: Sympathize? Preposterous! I'm completely jealous of the monster!
    Shinobi: During the attempt, the Nine Tails devoured Lords Kinkaku and Ginkaku... and then they were expelled.
    Shinobi: Expelled? You mean from behind?
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