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    Tsukasa: That, and don't forget the sound of the spinning drills! It's so scary!
    Konata: But boys might like dentists and stuff, then.
    Tsukasa: Why?
    Konata: I mean, they say that a drill is like a guy's romantic ideal. I hear they're all about dueling robots that use drills as weapons!
    Chilled: I find it far more fun to torment people after I've put them at ease. Don't you?
    Katsura Kotaro: I'm not Lupin, I'm Zura. Oops, I mean Katsura.
    Hitsugaya: Kuchiki and Kuchiki aren’t here.
    Ikkaku: Can you refer to them by first names, sir? You’re confusing us.
    Gildarts: Wait a second! You're...
    Cana: I know it's a lot to just accept...
    Gildarts: Whose kid are you? Sara? Naomi? Claire? Feena? Mary? Eliza? No, no... The hair color's off... Emma, Lyra, Jean, Sydney, Kate, Yuko, Francoise...
    Cana: You old geezer! How many flings have you had?!
    Gildarts: I-I know! You're the spitting image of Sylvia! Like, you're the same sex!
    Kazama Shun: There’s no future for people who worship the future and forget the past.
    Hachiro Tōbe: We're not men disguised as mere dogs. We are wolves disguised as men.
    Kagami: Did you tell a lie to someone today, Tsukasa?
    Tsukasa: Yeah.
    Kagami: That's unusual. What kind of lie?
    Tsukasa: Just now, when I said I told a lie, that was a lie.
    Allen Walker: My right hand will be for people, and my left will be for the demons.
    Miroku: On the way over here I thought of a strategy to keep the demon from choosing you all as brides. The demon only chooses single girls. In that case... Miss? Will you have my baby? Then the demon won't want you!
    Do Maximiliena.
    Hrabia Monte Christo: All men have a blade in their heart. The purer the heart, the keener the blade.
    Monkey D. Luffy: She said she was gonna destroy Fishman Island because you don't have any candy! She's nuts! I mean, I could understand if it was meat! Right?! But relax! I said I'd fight back!
    Alucard: Only humans would have the voracity... for watching their fellow man being killed.
    Though I devour the five lands and drink the three oceans dry, I am powerless against the sky, for I have neither wings, nor legs, nor hands. I am the world snake. My name is Jormungand.
    Tagami Keisei: Priests aren’t here for the dead. We’re here for the living, drowning in sadness.
    Hoshigaki Kisame: Do you want to know something interesting? Some sharks are ovoviviparous which means the eggs hatch inside the female's body, then are born. However, with some kinds of sharks, the numbers of eggs that hatch don't match up with the number of pups born. Do you know why? Cannibalism. When the eggs hatch, the pups resort to cannibalizing their siblings in the mother's belly. From the moment they are born, the fratricide begins. Other than itself, every other pup is fodder.
    Khaidenn: Civilization did not create war. War created civilization.
    Yagami Light: L, do you know? Shinigami love apples.
    L: Kira is childish and he hates losing... I'm also childish and hate losing.
    L: This isn't divine judgment, it's the work of some childish killer who's playing at divine retribution, that's all.
    Teppei: The more one speaks, the less weight one's words hold. Until they become as light and fluffy as the air itself.
    Armin Arlert: People are crazy for believing that these walls will protect us forever. Even though the walls have been intact for the past 100 years, there's nothing that can guarantee they won't be broken down today.
    Do Mizutani.
    Yamaguchi Kenji: You can't feel lonely if there's no one else around.
    Tenten: It's pretty obvious we should've taken a left turn at the fork!
    Shikamaru: No, if we'd taken a left... We'd have gone past a barbecue place that's out this way, and Choji would've been like...
    Chōji: "I'm starving!"
    Shikamaru: And he'd make us stop. But as soon as we walked in...
    Man: "I'm so sorry. We're out of beef."
    Chōji: "No, I've got a craving now!"
    Shikamaru: And we'd be off to find a cow out in the mountains...
    Chōji: "There's one!"
    Neji: "Wait, Choji! That's a female!"
    Shikamaru: Then we'd learn it's pregnant. And after its calf was born, Choji would be so moved by the miracle of birth that he'd be like...
    Chōji: "I'm gonna live out here and raise cattle."
    Shikamaru: He'd quit his life as a ninja to become a farmer.
    Fuyutsuki Kōzō: Destroying the world is only too easy. Rebuilding it is not so simple, however.
    Hikigaya Hachiman: The police don't mobilize until after an incident happens, and it's standard for heroes to show up late. But would anyone condemn them for being late? So, speaking paradoxically, lateness is justice...
    Luke Valentine: You've reduced yourself to being a dog for the Church of England. You're not fit to—
    Alucard: Quiet! You're dog food.
    Integra: The most efficient way to destroy a vampire is with another vampire.
    Hikigaya Hachiman: "It's taking part that counts." These words became famous after the father of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, used them in a speech, but some say the quote has been frequently misused as a coercion tool to force participation. Yet, there are countless situations in our society where it was a waste to even go. If it's taking part that counts, then taking part in the side that doesn't take part should also count. If everything can be chalked up to experience, then the experience of experiencing nothing should be worth just as much. In fact, the idea that someone isn't getting experience could be called priceless.
    Higaki Rinne: Yasuri, people die when they are killed.
    Fuwa Mahiro: I'll do whatever it takes to have everything make sense again!
    Fuwa Aika: Everything happens for a reason. The daily tragedies and misfortunes are all meaningful events, leading toward an ideal conclusion. With that in mind, there probably isn't really any meaningless misfortune.
    Fuwa Aika: Just because it's illogical, that doesn't make it wrong.
    Kusaribe Hakaze: To lose the woman you loved, not even being able to grieve... If not a tragedy, what is it?
    Tomii Ryūnosuke: Michael Ende once compared humans to cancer cells, but I believe that humans are germ cells. However, there is the possibility that any of us could become the cancer cell that destroys Earth.
    Tomii Ryūnosuke: If we are truly Earth's genes, the purpose of space exploration is because mutation is necessary.
    Fuwa Mahiro: We don't know if this world is real or a dream. Maybe the world till now has been a convenient fake. But magic will probably disappear now. The dream is over.
    Książę Hata: I make a rare appearance and this is how I get treated? I might as well transfer over to "D.Gray-man."
    Saitama: In other words, you gotta train like hell to the point where your hair falls out. That's the only way to become strong.
    Po walce z Raditzem.
    Son Gokū: Dying is... pretty... nasty, huh?
    Do Freezy.
    Son Gokū: If you weren't rotten to the core, you would have made a good rival.
    Mine Fujiko: There's no reward without risk, no wealth or fame, or love.
    Lampo: The Guardian of the Lightning Ring draws damage to himself and away from the rest of the Family, serving as a lightning rod.
    Tsuna: What do we do about this?! After Mr. Kawahira helped hide us... How do we explain this to him?
    Reborn: Just say that it burned down.
    Po walce z Cabbą.
    Vegeta: Don't forget your Saiyan pride, no matter what!
    Justice: With this headband on my forehead, I will rule this world as God himself!
    Sprzedawca lekarstw: To cut, to stab, to gouge, to carve, are the duties of the sword.
    Tenma Kenzō: Everyone's life is equal. And the doctor's job is to save those lives.
    Heinrich Lunge: There are no crime scenes without clues. There isn't a person who can leave this place without leaving a trace. If someone can do that, that person is not human. [...] Then he's a demon. There's no such thing in this world. Therefore, there's no criminal that we can't arrest.
    Johan Liebert: It's not a rare thing to happen, when kids are born... Most of this universe is "death", anyways. To this universe, most lives are just specks in a corner of the earth, gone in a flash. Death is normal. Why are you alive? Because somebody wanted you? Who wanted you? What is your reason for living?
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