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    O Gokū.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: That's Goku for you. It would seem the world isn't particularly important in his eyes. Beating opponents who are strong enough to excite him is all he wants.
    Jiaozi: I just had a dream where I got killed! I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tomorrow at the martial arts tournament.
    Caulifla: Stop looking so glum!
    Kale: But, his strength is unimaginable.
    Caulifla: Don't be so timid!
    Kale: Aren't you scared, Sis?
    Caulifla: Of course I'm scared... of my own infinite potential!
    Kenshirō: I'm just a man.
    Po walce z Kuririnem.
    Piccolo: I somehow get the feeling it won't be so easy for me to conquer the world.
    Puri: What's a Kami-sama?
    Bavaro: Kami-sama's Kami-sama.
    Puri: So what's a Kami-sama?!
    Cooky: He's a wonderful person!
    Crepe: More wonderful than Daddy?
    Cooky: You could say that.
    Donuts: More wonderful than Mom?
    Choco: No, he's less than her!
    Donuts: Wow! Mom's really wonderful!
    Nagi: If I put a sparkly heart keychain from a 100-yen shop on this bag, can't I just say it's a Sama*tha Thavasa?
    Tsugumi: If you talk about Sama*tha Thavasa while wearing those anime clothes, our few female viewers will snicker.
    Kimura Takako: The towering artist... Too-Pure-Pure Boy... The excessively self-conscious Akiba-type... I'd say they balance each other out beautifully, wouldn't you? If this were an RPG, that's the party we'd send out for a boss fight.
    Nagi: Wow, you have so many toys! What's this ball?
    Chłopiec: It's a superball. You've never seen one?
    Nagi: Wait, by any chance if you gather seven of these...
    Beelzebub: Thief! Look at those idiots!
    Thief: They remind me of you...
    Kami: Son. You were trained by an exceptional master.
    Gokū: Though he is a little perverted.
    Vegeta: I don't care about the planet, or my pals, or my parents.
    Neko Majin: What kind of aliens are you that you don't even have 3000 yen?! You guys are the worst! You travelled all the way to Earth without so much as a penny?!
    #17: Hey, Son Goku, Vegeta! I gave up on the cruiser. You better thank me. Hopefully you got some rest. Sacrificing myself for others... I kind of like how human that is.
    Soga Genzō: "Because I'm a man," is such a handy phrase. I'm a man, therefore it doesn't hurt. I'm a man, therefore I don't cry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get hungry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get tired.
    Vegeta: When I was on Earth, I learned something interesting from them.
    Cui: What, how to run away quickly?
    O Freezie.
    Helles: How repulsive. How could someone who fights so repulsively exist in the universe?
    Żółwi Pustelnik: Goku, Krillin. You two are the ones who taught me that this old man still has a future and it's too early to decide my limits. You're the ones who taught me that by continuing to aim for higher heights.
    Podczas Turnieju Mocy.
    Toppo: We're done playing the hero. There's no justice or evil. There is only either survival or erasure.
    Przed podróżą na Namek.
    Bulma: There's no way I'm going by myself, okay? Someone come with me!
    Turtle Hermit: Two months round trip, huh? All right, I guess I've got no choice but to go with you.
    Bulma: That will just add unnecessary danger!
    Podczas walki z Vegetą.
    Kuririn: Damn it all, he was one horrible fellow, but we could at least dig a grave.
    Vegeta: You mean, a grave for you guys?
    Przed walką z Szatanem Piccolo.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: I can't spend my time watching dirty videos with someone like you around!
    Do Shikamaru.
    Soku: Going on a first date without a strategy is like fighting a Tailed Beast unarmed.
    Przed walką z Vegetą.
    Son Gokū: Gohan... Once your daddy comes back alive, let's go fishing again, okay?
    Sakata Gintoki: In battle, the ones who burden themselves with regret are always the first to die. The only burden samurai should carry is their sword.
    Do Tenshinhana.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: Luck is also part of one's skill
    O Tenshinhanie.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: To think he was capable of the Kikoho... It's a tremendously destructive technique. Many times more so than the Kamehameha. But because it's so powerful, the user can die due to intense energy loss. Even if you don't die, it will still shorten your life span.
    Do Tenshinhana.
    Son Gokū: If you can have four arms, then I can have eight!
    O Shirase.
    Misaki: While this guy listens to music, he has the cognitive power to input that song as MP3 data in real time.
    Sakata Gintoki: Overcoming the obstacle of these annoying seeds to eat the watermelon is the mini-drama, of sorts, that gives its flavor a sense of urgency and makes it even more delicious. Basically, when you eat a watermelon, you eat not the fruit, but the drama it creates.
    Po wielokrotnych nawiązaniach do anime "Saint Seiya" podczas opowiadania strasznych historii.
    Gintoki: Scary... Super scary!
    Hasegawa: What part of that story made you freak out?!
    Gintoki: Toei Animation's gonna kill us!
    Przed walką sumo.
    Matsutarō: Where's the salt? The salt I'm supposed to throw.
    Sędzia: Salt is for ranks juryo and up.
    Matsutarō: Oh, it is? I'll settle for sugar, then.
    Do Homury.
    Kyubey: I'm sure you didn't really want to know the truth. And yet, you couldn't bear not to search for it. It just goes to show how illogical human curiosity is.
    Shinigami: You know nothing about my suffering!
    Gintoki: I can pretty much guess. You couldn't learn Bankai or something, right?
    Asagi: You don't see a lot of people applying for ninja licenses these days. Let me make this clear first. Becoming a ninja doesn't mean you'll be able to use stuff like the Rasengan or chakra, okay?
    Sakata Gintoki: Men can get by with knowledge of the Sengoku era alone! Before that, it was just mostly-gorillas running around with spears in hand.
    Yato: Concepts such as right and wrong don't apply to gods. Do you know why? Because every action a god makes is righteous.
    Yato: I'm supposed to be a god of war. So why am I replacing rubber seals and cleaning out mold for chump change?
    Yato: All right! Okay! Fine! Hanki... I release you. Just so you know, as a parting piece of wisdom, it's common courtesy to give a full month's notice before you quit!
    Obi Hajime: The name's Obi Hajime! If that's a pain to say, call me Obi-One!
    Fuu: Alright, that's enough! You two made me a promise. You haven't forgotten, have you? Until we find the "Samurai who smells of Sunflowers", you two are not allowed to kill each other!
    Mugen: Oh yeah, this smelly guy, I been meaning to ask you about that.
    Fuu: Huh?
    Jin: Who is this "Samurai who smells of Sunflowers"?
    Fuu: Well, he...
    Mugen: And what the hell is a sunflower anyway?
    Fuu: Wait a minute...
    Jin: You don't know?
    Fuu: It's a flower!
    Mugen: So, what do they *smell* like?
    (both turn toward Fuu)
    Jin: Do you have any other leads? b
    Mugen: Like a picture or something?
    Jin: What makes you think he's around here?
    Fuu: (yells) Stop!
    (her stomach grumbles)
    Fuu: For right now-- let's get something to eat.
    Gdy zostali kompletnie otoczeni przez mężczyzn z Daikan.
    Mugen: Yo, we put our fight on hold until we get out of here. Agreed?
    Jin: You intend to kill them all, don't you? I swear... you really are the lowest of the low.
    Mugen: (smiles slyly)
    Jin: You at peace with yourself?
    Mugen: Hell. Every freakin' day I have to ask myself: Will this day, be the last day I lie in the sun?
    Otae: Father, it's been a while. I have something to tell you today. I think it's time to begin. I will become the character I was created to be. It's time to restore the Kodokan Dojo you left us, Father. Sorry to make you wait 260 episodes.
    Do Goku.
    Beerus: This isn't the time to get excited! Having a close match with their second strongest is no good! Our universe is at risk of erasure! Be more worried and nervous! No more getting excited from now on!
    Toppo: I am leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo! Small evils. Normal evils. Big evils! All evils shall shatter before this iron fist of justice!
    Son Gokū: What an intimidating guy. My skin's tinglin'. Thanks, Toppo. I've been waitin' for this excitement.
    Toppo: I shall not forgive you for placing our universe in danger! The only one that should be erased, Son Goku, is you!
    Do bogów.
    Son Gokū: Come if you wanna! I'll take you on! Gather the strongest guys you can and come at me! I'll beat every last one of them!
    O Goku.
    Whis: He gave as much power as possible, then defeated him with an even greater super power. He really does love fighting on the edge.
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