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    Aoyama: It's finished.
    Uchida: It looks kind of like a penguin.
    Aoyama: Huh? It was supposed to be a research vessel.
    Aoyama: Why is her face the shape it is? Why is it that looking at her face fills me with joy? Why is it that the face that brings me joy was molded perfectly by genetics and exists here, now? It was my first time experiencing this strange feeling, so I found it difficult to describe in words.
    Aoyama: If you ever feel angry, you should try thinking about boobs.
    Aoyama: The things known as boobs are a mystery to me
    Do Gogety.
    Hearts: The Omni-King destroys universes on a whim. I only wished to free you all from that lack of autonomy. But you were dazzling and went past your limits. That's why I adore you mortals.
    Megumin: If you want to learn explosion magic, I'll teach you as much as you want! Heck, is there any other skill more worthwhile to learn? No, there certainly is not! Come, now, and walk the path of explosions with me!
    Ren: Humans are selfish, stupid liars. But replicants are different. So pure, so perfect. Never betrays. More human than human.
    Tsukinaga Yoshio: The first kiss i ever had... was with a foot.
    Dororo: If I take two and give three to Bro, that's no fun for me. But I'd feel bad for Bro giving him two while taking three for myself. Honestly, five is such an inconvenient number. In the end, it's best if I just eat them all myself.
    Supreme Kai: It's the power of love. The power of Krillin and No. 18's love won! It's truly your Big Amour! You two are so lovey-dovey I'm jealous! How sweet!
    No. 18: I'll kill you.
    Supreme Kai: I'm sorry. I got carried away.
    Do Vegety.
    Mūri: Grudges and hatred can only bring about further conflict. The Namekian people are not so foolish as to indulge in such things.
    Kiri: That's what it means for a person to grow up. Embarrass yourself often, regret all kinds of things, and please, become a beautiful woman.
    Kaguya: This is Shinomiya. President, is that you?
    Shirogane's father: I'm Miyuki's father.
    Kaguya: Um, is the president... I mean, is Shirogane there?
    Shirogane's father: I am Shirogane.
    Tsukai Junpei: Humans can die really easily. That's we have to try our hardest to live, for as long as we're alive.
    O współpracy z Luffym.
    Trafalgar Law: We're just allies. We don't necessarily have to get friendly.
    Black: If anger can be a source of strength, then the anger I hold, greater than anyone else's, makes me the strongest.
    Koyume: Why did you get glasses?
    Mayu: There were many reasons... But I wanted to watch the anime that I loved in the highest definition possible.
    Mashiro: Why did you give me milk instead of tea? Are you looking down on me because I'm a child?
    Kobeni: I just thought it would be better than tea or coffee. You don't like it?
    Mashiro: No, it's my favorite!
    Koyume: I really learned a lot! It was scary but I feel like something's opened up for me a bit more.
    Ruki: Really?
    Koyume: For example... I feel the same satisfaction I would if I just finished shoveling snow!
    Kiri: No one would need friends if we were all equally capable.
    Nauczyciel niemieckiego: It can't be helped. I'll give you a freebie. I covered this in class. Translate what I'm about to say into German and write it on the back. Question 1: "Rheumatoid arthritis." Question 2: "A man holding a banana while naked." The last question: "James Thomas."
    Kotobuki Ryūjirō: If you only stick with what you already know, you'll never get anywhere. What's important is whether you're interested or not.
    O Gokū.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: That's Goku for you. It would seem the world isn't particularly important in his eyes. Beating opponents who are strong enough to excite him is all he wants.
    Jiaozi: I just had a dream where I got killed! I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tomorrow at the martial arts tournament.
    Caulifla: Stop looking so glum!
    Kale: But, his strength is unimaginable.
    Caulifla: Don't be so timid!
    Kale: Aren't you scared, Sis?
    Caulifla: Of course I'm scared... of my own infinite potential!
    Kenshirō: I'm just a man.
    Po walce z Kuririnem.
    Piccolo: I somehow get the feeling it won't be so easy for me to conquer the world.
    Puri: What's a Kami-sama?
    Bavaro: Kami-sama's Kami-sama.
    Puri: So what's a Kami-sama?!
    Cooky: He's a wonderful person!
    Crepe: More wonderful than Daddy?
    Cooky: You could say that.
    Donuts: More wonderful than Mom?
    Choco: No, he's less than her!
    Donuts: Wow! Mom's really wonderful!
    Nagi: If I put a sparkly heart keychain from a 100-yen shop on this bag, can't I just say it's a Sama*tha Thavasa?
    Tsugumi: If you talk about Sama*tha Thavasa while wearing those anime clothes, our few female viewers will snicker.
    Kimura Takako: The towering artist... Too-Pure-Pure Boy... The excessively self-conscious Akiba-type... I'd say they balance each other out beautifully, wouldn't you? If this were an RPG, that's the party we'd send out for a boss fight.
    Nagi: Wow, you have so many toys! What's this ball?
    Chłopiec: It's a superball. You've never seen one?
    Nagi: Wait, by any chance if you gather seven of these...
    Beelzebub: Thief! Look at those idiots!
    Thief: They remind me of you...
    Kami: Son. You were trained by an exceptional master.
    Gokū: Though he is a little perverted.
    Vegeta: I don't care about the planet, or my pals, or my parents.
    Neko Majin: What kind of aliens are you that you don't even have 3000 yen?! You guys are the worst! You travelled all the way to Earth without so much as a penny?!
    #17: Hey, Son Goku, Vegeta! I gave up on the cruiser. You better thank me. Hopefully you got some rest. Sacrificing myself for others... I kind of like how human that is.
    Soga Genzō: "Because I'm a man," is such a handy phrase. I'm a man, therefore it doesn't hurt. I'm a man, therefore I don't cry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get hungry. I'm a man, therefore I don't get tired.
    Vegeta: When I was on Earth, I learned something interesting from them.
    Cui: What, how to run away quickly?
    O Freezie.
    Helles: How repulsive. How could someone who fights so repulsively exist in the universe?
    Żółwi Pustelnik: Goku, Krillin. You two are the ones who taught me that this old man still has a future and it's too early to decide my limits. You're the ones who taught me that by continuing to aim for higher heights.
    Podczas Turnieju Mocy.
    Toppo: We're done playing the hero. There's no justice or evil. There is only either survival or erasure.
    Przed podróżą na Namek.
    Bulma: There's no way I'm going by myself, okay? Someone come with me!
    Turtle Hermit: Two months round trip, huh? All right, I guess I've got no choice but to go with you.
    Bulma: That will just add unnecessary danger!
    Podczas walki z Vegetą.
    Kuririn: Damn it all, he was one horrible fellow, but we could at least dig a grave.
    Vegeta: You mean, a grave for you guys?
    Przed walką z Szatanem Piccolo.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: I can't spend my time watching dirty videos with someone like you around!
    Do Shikamaru.
    Soku: Going on a first date without a strategy is like fighting a Tailed Beast unarmed.
    Przed walką z Vegetą.
    Son Gokū: Gohan... Once your daddy comes back alive, let's go fishing again, okay?
    Sakata Gintoki: In battle, the ones who burden themselves with regret are always the first to die. The only burden samurai should carry is their sword.
    Do Tenshinhana.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: Luck is also part of one's skill
    O Tenshinhanie.
    Żółwi Pustelnik: To think he was capable of the Kikoho... It's a tremendously destructive technique. Many times more so than the Kamehameha. But because it's so powerful, the user can die due to intense energy loss. Even if you don't die, it will still shorten your life span.
    Do Tenshinhana.
    Son Gokū: If you can have four arms, then I can have eight!
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