Quotes from Rave (group)

  • Quotes from Rave (group)

Groove Adventure Rave (TV)

episode 3

Hebi: There is no point in losing the money we robbed from one casino, gambling at another one.
O Plue.
Musica: Wow, that cat is cool! Is it a chihuahua?
Haru: You think it's a cat? But a chihuahua is a dog!

episode 5

Musica: You don't like being called fatass, huh? Then, how about just pig?
Bis: Even if you compliment me now, it's still too late.

episode 9

Haru Glory: Even if we had a fight, we're still friends, right?

episode 12

Starzec: The blue sky. It's a wonder. Only when the sky is blue and shining,Ndo people's hearts shine as well

episode 22

Haru Glory: I don't want peace based on the murder of one person!

episode 36

Gale Glory: I can't show myself this way in front of my son. The father is always strong!

episode 50

Haru Glory: Everyone what are you saying? Symphonia, Raregroove, King's son and all. Is not important. He made Elie cry! That's why I fight!
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