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Quotes from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (film) (characters)

  • Quotes from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (film)


O Vegecie.
Beerus: His singing and dancing were both terrible. He'd be a fair match for you, Whis.
Beerus: Before creation, there must be destruction.


Do Beerusa.
Bulma: If you're a god, don't get mad over a little pudding, idiot!


Do Vegety.
Piccolo: When cornered, you just might be the most fearsome being.


Vegeta: What's with this uneasy feeling? Is the great Vegeta trembling with fear?
Vegeta: To die at the hands of the God of Destruction, Beerus... Perhaps I should feel honored.
Vegeta: How dare... You hit my Bulma! You bastard!
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